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Blackmojis by Emoji World ™ v2.1 APK Download

You asked for them, We delivered! Blackmojis are 100% Black Inspired Emojis. Often in our media ethnic faces aren’t represented. And if they are represented it’s usually in a demeaning light. So Blackmojis intends to fix this with HD Quality African Emojis! -Empires Mobile
It’s only fitting that true emoji innovation would appear on Google Play! While your iPhone friends will be waiting 3+ years for black emojis that probably won’t even be black lol, you can get your black emoji fix here on Google Play!

– Unique Black Emojis That Are Just Beautiful!
– We Also Offer Our Emojis In Classic Style For Our Other Brothers And Sisters With Soul!
– Super Fast Loading!

– Method 1 –
To share a blackmoji, simply touch it, then touch the chat app you want to share it with!

– Method 2 –
Using your favorite chat app, go to attach an image. Choose Naughty then pick a Blackmojis to share!


● Removed Old Website Link! ●
● The World’s First HD Black Emojis! ●
● Turn Your Phone’s Swag All The Way Up! ●
● Email Us If You Have Any Blackmoji Requests! ●
● And Follow Us On Twitter @Blackmojis ●

Download Links:

APK (2.9 MB):
Download Link 1 | Download Link  2 | Download link 3


Fast Download!
Direct Download!


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