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We’ve gathered a collection of 14 Astronomy & Cosmology eBooks and there are Several books from the last few years. Some books might be in different editions and a few in spanish.

List of Included EBooks:

  1.  An Introduction to the Science of Cosmology – D. Raine (IOP, 2001).pdf (1.85 MB)
  2. Astronomy For Beginners 4th Ed. – A. Asadi (Imagine, 2016).pdf (37.30 MB)
  3. Cosmic Evolution, Rise of Complexity in Nature – E. Chaisson (Harvard University Press, 2001).djvu (3.68 MB)
  4. Dictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy – D. Basu (CRC, 2001).pdf (5.42 MB)
  5. Fundamental Astronomy 6th Ed. – H. Karttunen, P. Kröger, H. Oja (Springer, 2017).pdf (25.46 MB)
  6. Introduction to Modern Cosmology 2nd Ed. – A. Liddle (Wiley, 2003).pdf (11.42 MB)
  7. Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies – M. Terasawa, S. Kubono, T. Kishida (World Scientific, 2005).pdf (24.65 MB)
  8. Origins, The Quest for Our Cosmic Roots – T. Yulsman (IOP, 2003).pdf (41.80 MB)
  9. Philip’s Astronomy Encyclopedia – C. Rayner (Octopus, 2002).pdf (31.52 MB)
  10. Philip’s Atlas of the Universe Rev. Ed. – P. Moore (Octopus, 2005).pdf (52.53 MB)
  11. Physical Foundations of Cosmology – V. Mukhanov (Cambridge , 2005).pdf (2.56 MB)
  12. Planetary Science, The Science of Planets Around Stars – G. Cole, M Woolfson (IOP, 2002).pdf (7.81 MB)
  13. Splitting the Second, The Story of Atomic Time – T. Jones (IOP, 2000).pdf (1.33 MB)
  14. The Origin and Evolution of the Solar System – M. Woolfson (IOP, 2000).pdf (5.77 MB)

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