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We’ve gathered a collection of 14 Epidemiology & Diseases ebooks and there are Several books from the last few years. Some books might be in different editions and a few in spanish.

List of Included eBooks:

  1.  Applied Epidemiology, Theory to Practice – R. Brownson (Oxford University Press, 1998).pdf (23.87 MB)
  2. Bacterial Infections of Humans, Epidemiology and Control 4th Ed. – P. Brachman, E. Abrutyn (Springer, 2009).pdf (12.22 MB)
  3. Basic Epidemiology – R. Beaglehole , R. Bonita (WHO, 1993).pdf (7.46 MB)
  4. Cancer Biology 4th Ed. – R. Ruddon (Oxford University Press, 2007).pdf (10.37 MB)
  5. El Tabaco – Ayer, Hoy y Mañana – K. Abu-Shams, M. De Carlos, A. Ariño (Gobierno de Navarra, 2001).pdf (306.55 KB)
  6. Escherichia Coli Infections – V. Wiwanitkit (Internal Medical, 2011).pdf (3.59 MB)
  7. Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases – W. Wright (Demos, 2013).pdf (18.44 MB)
  8. HIV-AIDS, A Very Short Introduction – A. Whiteside (Oxford University Press, 2008).pdf (1.69 MB)
  9. Infectious Diseases in Context [2 volumes] – B. Lerner, L. Lerner (Thomson, 2008).pdf (38.85 MB)
  10. Modern Epidemiology 3rd Ed. – K. Rothman (Lippincott, 2008).pdf (4.37 MB)
  11. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 4th Ed. – K. Holmes (McGraw, 2008).chm (156.66 MB)
  12. Tropical Infectious Diseases 2nd Ed. – R. Guerrant (2005).pdf (73.71 MB)
  13. Viral Sex, The Nature of AIDS – J. Goudsmit (Oxford, 1997).pdf (17.13 MB)
  14. Wound Closure Manual – Ethicon (Ethicon Products, 2002).pdf (1.75 MB)

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