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We’ve gathered a collection of 38 Evolution ebooks and there are Several books from the last few years. Some books might be in different editions and a few in spanish.

List of Included EBooks:

  1. Animal Evolution – M. Telford, D. Littlewood (Oxford, 2009).pdf (6.68 MB)
  2. Charles Darwin and the Evolution Revolution – R. Stefoff (Oxford, 1996).pdf (1.18 MB)
  3. Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life – H. Rauchfuss (Springer, 2008).pdf (6.93 MB)
  4. Comparative Primate Socioecology – P. Lee (Cambridge, 2004).pdf (4.81 MB)
  5. Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Biology 3rd Ed. – E. Sober (MIT, 2006).pdf (6.15 MB)
  6. Cooperation in Primates and Humans, Mechanisms and Evolution – P. Kappeler (Springer, 2006).pdf (7.01 MB)
  7. Darwin In The Genome, Molecular Strategies In Biological Evolution – L. Caporale (McGraw-Hill, 2003).pdf (1.76 MB)
  8. Darwin’s Dangerous Idea – D. Dennett (Penguin, 1995).doc (2.87 MB)
  9. Evolución, La Base de la Biología – M. Soler (Proyecto Sur, 2002).pdf (12.81 MB)
  10. Evolution – D. Futuyama (Sinauer, 2005).pdf (73.54 MB)
  11. Evolution 3th Ed. – M. Ridley (Blackwell, 2004).pdf (11.23 MB)
  12. Evolution and the Fossil Record – J. Pojeta, D. Springer (American Geological Institute, 2001).pdf (1.26 MB)
  13. Evolution of the Brain, Creation of the Self – J. Eccles (Routledge, 1986).pdf (5.27 MB)
  14. Evolutionary Biology, From Concept to Application – P. Pontarotti (Springer, 2008).pdf (3.47 MB)
  15. Evolutionary Catastrophes, The Science of Mass Extinction – V. Courtillot (Cambridge, 2003).pdf (2.96 MB)
  16. Evolutionary Conservation Biology – R. Ferrière (Cambridge, 2004).pdf (4.33 MB)
  17. Extinctions in the History of Life – P. Taylor (Cambridge, 2004).pdf (6.94 MB)
  18. From Dust To Stars – N. Schulz (Praxis, 2005).pdf (8.76 MB)
  19. Genesis, The Evolution of Biology – J. Sapp (Oxford, 2003).pdf (4.32 MB)
  20. History of Life, A Very Short Introduction – M. Benton (Oxford University Press, 2008).pdf (2.84 MB)
  21. Human Evolution, A Very Short Introduction – B. Wood (Oxford, 2005).pdf (1.18 MB)
  22. Human Evolution, An Illustrated Introduction 5th Ed. – R. Lewin (Blackwell, 2005).pdf (10.50 MB)
  23. Hybrid zones and the Evolutionary Process – R. Harrison (Oxford Univesity Press, 1993).pdf (51.83 MB)
  24. In Darwin’s Shadow, The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace – M. Shermer (Oxford, 2002).pdf (5.30 MB)
  25. La Evolucion y las Ciencias – V. Scheinsohn (Emecé Editores, 2001).pdf (437.89 KB)
  26. Meat-Eating and Human Evolution – C. Stanford, H. Bunn (Oxford, 2001).pdf (24.19 MB)
  27. Molecular Population Genetics and Evolution – M. Nei (Elsevier, 1975).pdf (6.50 MB)
  28. Monad to Man, The Concept of Progress in Evolutionary Biology – M. Ruse (Harvard University Press, 1996).pdf (33.74 MB)
  29. Selective Sweep – D. Nurminsky (Kluwer, 2005).pdf (2.37 MB)
  30. Species Concepts and Phylogenetic Theory – Q. Wheeler, R. Meier (Columbia University Press, 2000).pdf (2.42 MB)
  31. The Ancestor’s Tale – R. Dawkins (2004).pdf (29.48 MB)
  32. The Cambridge Dictionary of Human Biology and Evolution – L.Mai, M.Young (Cambridge, 2005).pdf (6.45 MB)
  33. The Cell, Evolution of the First Organism – J. Panno (FOF, 2005).pdf (17.03 MB)
  34. The Hunt for the Dawn Monkey, Unearthing The Origins of Monkeys Apes and Humans – C. Beard (2004).pdf (4.23 MB)
  35. The Origin of Species – C. Darwin (1859).pdf (1.96 MB)
  36. The Phenomenon of Science, A Cybernetic Approach to Human Evolution – V. Turchin (Columbia University Press, 1977).pdf (1.29 MB)
  37. The Talking Ape, How Language Evolved – R. Burling (Oxford, 2005).pdf (1.63 MB)
  38. Why Evolution Is True – J. Coyne (Oxford, 2009).pdf (2.55 MB)


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