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OGInstagram+ 8.5.1 APK


OGInsta+ APK

OGInstagram+ 8.5.1 is a surprise from OGMods for users of the popular social network Instagram. As you know by default within the app you can not download Instagram photos and videos on your phone but by this App you will have the ability to do it. You can also use this app on your phone simultaneously with Official app. Zooming in on images, copy the URL of the image and share images among OGInstas’ Features. Note that to use this application you must uninstall the previous version and then install the new program.

Some of the features OGInstagram + :
✤ Copy/Download Photos
✤ Share images
✤ Download Videos
✤ Zoom in & Enlarge Images
✤ Instagram photos stored on personal gallery

  • You can use OGintagram+ with Official simultaneously
  • To install Instagram+ you need to uninstall the Official app

Official Site Link: http://www.ogmods.net/home/OGInsta

Download Links:

OGInstagram Plus (16.8 MB):
Download Link 1 | Download Link  2 | Download link 3

Instagram+ (16.8 MB):
Download Link 1 | Download Link  2 | Download link 3


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