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Stellar Striker v0.98.7 APK Download

Promises non-stop explosive fun! Beautiful graphics,thrilling combat,wipe your enemies off the screen! Play now and get free diamonds,with Powerful Fighter upon first recharge! Take off and let the bullets fly,defeat alien invaders,become a Stellar Striker!

Game feature
1.Smooth Control:Flight simulation at your finger tips,it’s all about control;
2.Stunning Graphics:Full-screen explosive combat with dazzling skills;
3.Diverse Modes:Endless challenges for non-stop action;
4.Unique Composition:Fighter choices guarantee indepth strategy;
5.Experience Elegance:Arcane Transform,Fighter Fusion, All weapons free!

1. Endless Conquest
2. Stellar Voyage
3. Grand Conquest
4. Nuclear Crisis
5. Arcane Wheel
6. Nebula Amethyst
7. Chrono Campaign


-Beginner’s Guide Optimization;
-Adjust the unlocking condition for some of the gamplays;
-Adjust the props output for some of the gameplays.

Download Links:

APK (94.5 MB):
Download Link 1 | Download Link  2 | Download link 3


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  Stellar Striker- screenshot thumbnail     Stellar Striker- screenshot thumbnail     Stellar Striker- screenshot thumbnail


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